Beside Myself!


Well, before I even start on the latest news and updates I was completely beside myself today. Mister Neil Thompson contacted me, a hero of mine that draws and paints Northern Soul, and that alone sent me in a bit of a giddy girly spin. He even said my work is top not prone to star struckness, barring times I artists that paint what I love, or folk that dance exceptional Northern Soul...both send me into a bit of a giddy kipper tiz! There will be more news about this conversation and subsequent events coming soon. But he made my year! Top artist, that I respect and admire very much.

At the weekend I was lucky enough to stay over in Sheffield, and dance Northern Soul (badly but with gusto) from around 7pm till 2am, the main event being at The City Hall. What a fantastic venue in the ballroom in the bowels of the building. Beautiful room, with some sensational DJs including the one and only Mister Richard Searling. To either side were additional rooms, one with pure Northern Soul, the other Neo Soul and the main room was Motown and Northern Soul. My first multi-room event. Just FANTASTIC....I looked a right wally by the end of the night, sparkling the night away...but I really don't care, sweaty, hot, but filled with love for the music and the people. Brilliant night!

Richard Searling on decks, both have horrible laptop tunes here! Pure vinyl, loved this feature!

Rear of the City Hall, Sheffield I took...looking how to get in!

And finally, I was reading a random post on Pinterest on how to improve productivity, and lessen distractions like social media, and general messing about. It was all about the Pomodoro Technique basically very focused work time, and break. I tried it for the first time today, and so far a HIT! I downloaded a specific timing app, it ticks quietly to remind me I am in work time, tinkles at the appropriate moments, but also shows a message on my phone to get back to work! A supervisor for me! Works a treat, got a fair bit done on the new shark and scooter commission today using it, as I work solid but know I have time every half hour to catch up on Twitter, Facebook, text messages etc...I think its goning to work a treat!

So this week I am shipping my mod and scoot tomorrow eBay auction, finishing the 2nd of two commissions and get those shipped, a potential new commission I am awaiting a photograph for, then I need to sort some bits for Etsy and Ebay...all on 2 less days this week! Nearly there people with school age kiddywinks, stay strong! KTF xxx

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