Design and finding happy!

A6 leaflet front

A6 leaflet back

Over the weekend I have rehashed, edited, snagged my new site, and then designed new leaflets and business cards. I always send a personal hand written note with everything that I sell, if folk spend their hard earned cash on my work, it's the very least I can do to express my also adds provenance to paintings. Some people choose to keep them with paintings, by taping them to the back, and I think that is a really lovely thing.

So that was a requirement of my design process for the A6 leaflets, produce something that can be put on event tables when I go dancing (I always ask first) but also keeps my details with the personal note I write to ship with all work. I usually use some gorgeous notelets, but this is an additional cost, and right now that has to be a consideration. My aim was to design something intriguing and eye catching, yet very simple and can be used on their own or able to write a note on it (I have tested numerous pens on the leaflet design paper as its the same paper as my old ones and found a good pen) ...there are far too few personal touches in this electronic world, and this personal attention is really important to me.

business card front

business card back

I am really pleased with how they turned out, and with business cards that tie in, and space for me to jot on my mobile number if I choose to give it out. I often pop them in venues/barbers/shops as you never know if someone maybe interested, so putting my number on it is not a good idea.....learned that lesson.

I have stuck to using the acrylic gouache paintings, it was too confusing visually with watercolours and pastel in the the design. I took, hopefully, intriguing portions of paintings to pique folks interest covering as many aspects of my artwork as I could in 8 small images, mod, scooters, northern soul, vintage fashion, legendary venues and objects trying to appeal to both both ladies and gents. Fresher, cleaner and with a bit of luck more inviting.

Its been a tough, frustrating, but self fist bump type of project and week, allot of years since I designed anything like this and used Corel Draw. What I learned though is there so much happy to be found in change, challenge and pushing yourself. 

What did occur to me though, is how can you do better till you know better?...its applied across the board these past few months. I have some regrets in hindsight, and maybe I could have handled some situations better and pulled my finger out more at the times it all felt hopeless.

I kept going around in circles, didn't know a way out or what to do to try and make things better, and on that day last week when I got the mission enthusiasm, but had no idea why, it was enough to propel me to take action even though I had no idea how. This time last week I had no clue I was going to buy a new domain name, redo all my website myself, redesign my leaflet and come out the other end much better for it.

Accepting things exactly as they as they are, despite my desperate need, to make it better has been a huge lesson, again. Figuring out I don't need money earned to feel successful, its just as good to feel it getting back up after a huge knock down, or achieving things you didn't know you could do.

Happy is where you find it...its in different, in pushing myself, in learning and in acceptance that I get it wrong and its not the end of the world....that I sometimes get it right and some make progress, but ultimately absolutely none of it matters if your heart and soul are not in it...sometimes your heart and soul keep you hanging on, driving forward without a clue, even when you want to give up. I even surprised myself! KTF xxx

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