On my mind this week has been a fine fella that is no longer with us sadly...I never got to meet him as planned. He wrote this blog not very long before he was so unfairly taken from this planet. Its a very good read, mind, he always had a way with words!

Not quite sure why hes been nudging my mind and this blog post in particular, other than all the changes I have made of late, I had to face some very basic self questioning. Whats enough?

A vital exercise over a few weeks to figure out EXACTLY what I wanted out of what I do, so the changes I make are always geared towards that outcome. Do I want to make a fortune? sell for ridiculous amounts? be famous?...well NONE of those apply to me. Essentially my conclusion was I need enough to pay bills, to buy my materials to keep painting...and for my total downtime, Nikki time, usually a couple of nights in Blackpool a couple of times a year.

See, like Carl mentions, theres allot to be said for being satisfied with less, of finding the love in the ordinary, having ENOUGH money and time to do the things you love, be with the people you love and adore your daily life on this spinning ball of crazy.

My job doesn't save lives, I paint...but I absolutely love it, and the joy it brings people, the folk its allowed me to meet, and the wonderful things I paint daily...thats besides all the completely magical soul and heart squeezing music I listen to.

Loving needing less is actually MORE, it frees you from so many tethers of modern life that strangles the joy from you. My attitude has completely changed towards my work, my abilities, and my potential. I am no longer on that hamster wheel timing my paintings only to upset myself with the hourly rate...I look at them, I decide what I think is a FAIR price for me and the buyer, and go with that...thats ALL I need, its makes me happy that folk can afford to buy my work and I can make my life a place I don't need to run from. We only get one shot at this, may as well be happy whilst we figure it all out. KTF xxx

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