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I have just received a comment regarding my 'So Far Away' painting, that I am selling myself short, its priced too low. A well meaning comment I am sure, but has prompted me to jot this down whilst I am thinking on.

Whether its my strong Libra traits, or my strong INFJ personality type, or whether you don't believe in any of that, heres basically an outline of my creative ethos.

1: I totally believe in selling my work at prices, hard working folk, can afford...this is of HUGE importance to me. Why should you not have lovely ORIGINAL art to brighten your world just because you are not wealthy? Surely we need it more!

2: Fairness and respect. I have recently discovered that this applies to me too, selling my work that is fair in price for me to earn a crust and for you to own something you love without paying shocking prices.

3: I am NOT elitist about what I do. I happen to paint, its something I am good at and that is how I am trying my best to live my world, by doing that! I do not see myself as above anyone else, I am just a working class gal that can draw and paint.

4: My integrity as an artist is based on all of these, they matter profoundly. The times when my works have been bought for cheap prices (yes I laid myself open to it, and take full responsibility for that) to sell on to make a huge profit goes in the face of what I do. Not because its not MY profit, but because I put that artwork out there, totally believing that even at the low prices on eBay at the beginning, they were artworks that were LOVED, not because they could be taken advantage of. My principle to grapple with, but for me it stands, even if there's nothing I can do about it. Being upfront, or selling through a gallery is a completely different set up I am happy with.

5: I want you to feel like a super star when you receive it, that your hard earned cash has been invested in something beautiful to you, and is always wrapped with the same love and care that I painted it with. 

6. I don't see myself as in competition with any other artist in this genre or otherwise. We are all paddling our own canoe within the same flotilla, navigating the rapids and calm waters. 

I admire other artists, especially people like David Barrow and Neil Thompson, I can learn from them, but we all walk our own paths, our takes, loves, and influences are all different, and that makes for a beautiful world. There is certainly more than a handful of artists painting flowers for instance. In this vein I am more than happy to share other artists work, or help anyone for that matter, give them a shout out etc....more kindness in this way would help us all.

I finally found the genres I absolutely LOVE to paint after many years, the music is in my heart and soul, gives me goosebumps, tingles my spine, makes my feet dance, no matter how many times I hear it...and I want to put that in something to have and hold, my paintings. The paintings MATTER to me, they are not there just to earn money, I do that bit because I have to. If I could still live and give them away to passionate people who love them, I'd be happy to do that.

So there we have it, in a nutshell, why I am passionate about what I do for the prices I do them at. I want to make a living, but I don't save lives, I paint! I create paintings I love and want on my wall, for you to love and own. KTF xxx

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