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Well what a week! About completed my site, mind, and plan refresh. I just have new leaflets and business cards to design and order.

Crikey, have I learned allot this week, a bit of HTML, wriggling my way around things I thought insurmountable, but most of all that it really is satisfying, enriching and self confidence/esteem building ploughing forth even if not quite knowing what you are doing...digging deep, finding that belief in yourself again, reminding yourself of your own abilities and resourcefulness.

It's also been magically inspiring throughout the process of editing every post on my site, I have seen every artwork I have done this past year again. Now I just want to do more of every style that I have done this far, and LOADS of them. I can't wait to get in the studio on Monday, I feel like a kiddy in a sweet shop again, like I did right at the start of painting these genres last June....sometimes your heart, thankfully, just won't let you give up!

The above quote really nails these past few months, been through them all, the emotions and the journey those emotions have brought. My redesigns, simplifying and reworkings guarantee nothing, other than THE most important thing, which is I can make progress, even if I don't know how yet...I can enjoy it, and learn from it, regardless. is now alive and kicking, a site I am proud of, I can sell from without it costing me a fortune monthly, what resources I have I can use for much needed materials to continue painting. I also realised how much I love writing after I deleted all my posts (wazzock, had I relised I was going to do a musings page I could have saved them!), but it spurred me on to make the 'Musings' part of my site.

All in all its be a great week, and hopefully I have created a much better user experience on my site now, uncluttered, and nails my KISS project objectives. Now I shall drink wine, and listen to the wonderful Northern Soul show by Richard Searling! KTF xxx

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