Level Up

Another productive week and massive learning curve. Trying my level up mode, realising that whist I didn't know better back then, I didn't quite do as much as I could to promote my work, under the self imposed impression that I couldn't!

Anyway not having much option and pretty chuffed with my own efforts at redesigning my site, and leaflets I am forging forth. Not entirely sure my efforts are exactly time efficient yet, but learning along the way, and allot of lovely folk on Twitter and Facebook helping me too, so a huge thank you to all that retweet, like and share....its VERY much appreciated!

Thinking about it, I probably couldn't have chosen a worst time of year, the school summer holidays, to try and learn all of this stuff and doing all the gubbins it took to refresh my site, whilst still trying to paint new work. If there's a hard way to do anything I will find it, like a moth to a flame. Time is very much against me daily but not insurmountable, as I have proven to takes working evenings and dividing my time differently but its certainly progress! Some things have had to go by the wayside for now, the running, squash, and plans to get out and about on mini adventures, I am just hoping it will all be worth it. KTF xxx

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