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I saw a quote this morning, and to paraphrase, 'Don't focus on all the reasons why it can't work, focus on the one why it could'...which is pretty much where I have reached and a huge milestone, even if I can't nail exactly why it should in words.

My mindset is light years away from only a couple of months ago. And for me its all linked, all of it. I needed to smarten up my attitude to marketing and money management, believe in myself more and I had to make the leap of faith and stop focusing totally on giving up in the July just gone, or still, potentially in October. The negative loops about my work were just not working.

I do believe though that we cycle through phases, ebbs and flows of positivity,
determination and similarly pessimism, and lacking the will to try as hard as maybe we could.

I have had to force myself at times to plod forward, sometimes clueless and grumpy, not really knowing what to do for the best to promote my work, which coincided with a less than ideal personal situation. Its funny though, it being all linked, you make positive changes in your work life and everything seems to improve, and visa versa.

After many disappointments following others guidance, (my choice to, I take full responsibility for that), advice I still think was given with good intentions, I had to keep feeling let down by following someone elses road, or go down the path less trodden and just follow my nose, whether I have a clue what I am doing or not. I still read blogs and am learning along the way from others, but now I am much more focused on instinct and following what truly resonates with me, we ALL know more than we think we do. 

So here we are, cleared my workload for this week, done things I never even thought of before, and whilst it's not encouraged to be vocal about feeling proud of yourself, I am. Absolutely none of it means I will make this work, not allot has changed financially, BUT how I have set my working world up, the options are there to try part time alongside a job if I really need to, then the very last resort will be packing up my brushes. Should it come to that, I can at least say I did it my way, I tried my very best this time around, and I didn't go down without a fight. KTF xxx

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