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Project: KISS. Because I should, as its a better way forward, and I now keep having the feeling I should have done it this way all along! You know that feeling you get when you see a 'Life Hack' and it shows you something really simple to solve something you struggle with?...that! It FEELS right, and it feels good!

I purchased a new domain name, as I got to thinking that most of my time online I am seen as this name, and not Nikki. Also the SEO (search engine optimization) should, in theory, be a slightly easier mission than using my name....fingers crossed, as I haven't yet started that process.

My aim has been to simplify and clean up my site, make it a better user experience hopefully. It has also involved introducing a new buying system, purchasing directly from the site, instead of a shopping cart application. This is purely because I cannot currently afford to commit to a $35 per month to list lots of paintings, this may change in the future, but for now at least I am able to put for sale all my original work in one place, and keep Etsy for cards and prints, seems a simpler way to categorize my sales. I shall also be trying eBay again in a (hopefully) better way, to generate income for materials but also to see my lovely eBay clients and reach more people, that may not use the other formats I use.

The plan is to also go back to Soul Source, I used to love it there but got out of the habit and sometimes felt a bit out of place being a newbie to the scene, as there are always some folk that their sole mission is to run the less experienced down! Blowing out someone else candle doesn't make yours shine brighter, kindness is ALWAYS better than rightness! I also need to utilise Facebook, Google+ and Instagram more, get rid of Folksy. Keep it simple, and get my head around slinging it all together without being overbearing/spamming...the last thing I want to be is a nuisance with my work. 

Hopefully the majority of the changes will be in place by the end of play Friday, and working!  I can research the best way to engage folk with my work, produce all new leaflets and business cards...then its rock n roll time baby! I do feel SO much happier and confident with all the changes I have made, its all been my own doing, my own ideas, paddling my own canoe, nay, supersizing my own canoe...its given me much needed confidence and a fresh outlook on my whole world!

None of this would have occurred without ALL the experiences I have encountered, the good, the bad, the ugly...and I certainly wouldn't be typing this without the love and friendship of many people, family, my Twitter family, old friends, new friends, and Freddie, my Dads old laptop he gave me. Its opened up a whole new way of working....thank you so much for ALL the support, I always appreciate it, even if sometimes I am rubbish at showing it! KTF xxx

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