Spinning Plates

Well I never, third blog-ette inside a day! That's a record. Really just musing about keeping all the plates in the air, the online ones...the Facebook posts and group sharing, the Instagram, the Etsy new items for sale, the eBay listing and tending. I don't include Twitter here as some of those folk are my mates who put up with me mithering on and generally being a bit daft, amongst random bouts of music sharing.

Granted, I am learning a great deal, but its a double edged sword, whilst I hope its getting my work out there to be seen and hopefully loved, maybe even rehomed, the process is feeling a little bit like a hamster wheel. Its got to get easier surely, Shirley!

Reading that Etsy drop you out of search favour if you don't often upload items, to seeing daily that if I respond faster on Facebook, I can 'turn the badge' current response rate is inside 20 minutes. Promote this for £££, do this, do that. There has to be a better way to spin those plates more efficiently, I am just not sure what it is yet, that doesn't involve paying someone to do it as that is not an option currently.

Some of it I am learning to enjoy, but its a funny internet world we live in, a blessed one in terms of all this at my finger tips, but still a time leaching one. I guess I am still finding my feet, hoping not to over spam my accounts and annoy people with my work adverts, but also prove to myself I can make a difference to my 'Online Presence' (check me out) and ultimately to my remaining as a full time artist for keeps. Keep those plates spinning NikNok! KTF xxx 

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