The Next Chapter

A few days ago, I awoke with a real sense of being on a mission, however I had not the first clue what it was at that point. During that day I kept re-editing to clarify my very last news blog post on the old version of my site, REALLY thinking about the content, careful not to offend but being honest about my experiences....then suddenly I just felt a huge shift.

In addition to feeling like I had really put to bed issues from this past 13 months and beyond, by writing them out, it coincided with an urge to move forward. The past gone, the best yet to come with all the wealth of the lessons its taught me. 

So I decided to completely rehash my site, simplify it, clean it up, and part of that process was deleting all my old news posts, not because I have any issue with what I have written, as I am very much a lass that wears her heart on her sleeve, but I no longer associate with those experiences, they were there to spur me forward....and it was VERY cathartic removing them, like pulling out splinters.

Once you know better, do better....Maya Angelou.

Mission:ON! Lots of changes this week to my site, including a domain name addition, the vast majority of which I have done myself, including programming HTML. Who knew I could even do any of this stuff? 

Originally I had not intended to include the personal side to my blog, but I love writing, and realised that I could do BOTH! A tidy, clean, uncluttered artwork side, and a new blog that includes my news, adventures, grumbles and anything else that comes to my mind....and it won't always be art or Northern Soul/Mod related...I am a collection of lots of little rooms that all need expression! At least with this set up as a visitor to my site, you can choose to just look at my work, and/or read my musings. 

The next chapter is now underway, and I am very much looking forward to it. KTF xxx

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