Today is Someday

Today is also someday, a day of realisation, to some degree, why I ended up backed into a corner of my own making. It had to happen to get me to think differently and subsequently act differently towards my artwork, the promotion etc. Progress maybe slow in terms of still trying to remember to sling everything together like replies on Instagram, but I am making solid forward progress, regardless.

In other news, Instagram allowed a chap intouch with me after seeing my work on there, and now I am doing two commissions for him, thrilled at being asked and trusted to make a good job of images someone loves...but also that my tenuous marketing skills have actually lead to something real and tangible! Here they are:-

Left sketch, a fantastic image, love the Shark logo on the jacket. The jacket will be coloured up just dark blue, and the scoot will be white with rusty bits as he loves my other paintings. Right sketch, am thrilled to be painting this, and knowing theres a chap that loves this type of image as much as I! Lovely loafers to paint and a vinyl box...I am one lucky gal!

So its going to be a very busy week, head down and crack on, swapping between paintings so am not wasting valuable time waiting for things to dry. Then on Saturday a well earned night away to dance Northern Soul at Sheffield City Hall...I honestly can't wait! KTF xxx

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