Is there a Downhill?

One week to go till my house is infiltrated by council workers, 2 days till am one year closer to velcro shoes, and not a single downhill in sight!

Despite all of this, so far at least, I am managing to stay pretty upbeat, dance around a bit, the usual malarky that goes on in my studio. This time next week I technically won't have one, thats when its going to get tricky. Its not just a studio, its a bit of space, a sanctuary from peopley places, a room where I think, sing, dance and spend hours playing with beautiful colour. It transcends reality for me, it lets me breathe, I feel calm I am hoping I can maintain my cool when I can't paint or find some space whilst its packed up in boxes never to go back the same ever again....keep breathing Nik!

Also its pretty much certain my trip to Blackpool for the Northern Soul Weekender at the Tower will be cancelled. I was SO optimistic I could manage it financially in May when I purchased the ticket...things are never that straight forward though are they? Unless a sparkly miracle passes my way, I have pretty much written it off. The council works extend for upto 6 weeks now, and then theres all the redecorating to do, both in terms of time and money. Pretty gutted to be fair....will Cinderella ever make it to a weekender? I think I have had to cancel 3 trips now due to circumstances way beyond my control...and little but complete house upheaval and shed loads of humping heavy items for the forseeable future. 

In other news, I am currently on with a lovely special commission, which hopefully will be completed today, or over the weekend. Then another charity commission, requests for donations or free work keep coming, sadly there will be a point where I will have to say no, as I currently have 3 and 2 other free projects lined up. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE doing them and love giving back and will always try my best to accommodate, but when you are not earning a crust, and all your time is taken with no chance of earning anything as its donated time, there has to be a balance somewhere!

Its struck me the other day, if I won the lotto or enough to live as I am now, what would I do? I definitely trawl charities and paint whatever they wanted me to paint, to auction off, be it what I do now or any other subject. How rewarding would that be?

I wanted to look for a different volunteering opportunity after these works, but think now it will need to be a paid job, try and support what I am doing here. Its been a very slow summer sales wise, not just for me but other artists too...I can see us dying out as a breed eventually, theres just not enough love or money for hand painted artwork, prints and cheap is king! Just the way it goes I guess....but if you can please buy local artists and crafters for Christmas, you'll be preventing the extinction of things made with complete love, passion, heart and soul! KTF xx

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