Just Do It!

Yesterday I went for an interview at a wonderful art and media gallery in Sheffield. A volunteer post, one day per week. I got it! First time ever in my life I wasn't nervous going in...its been a while.

See, being a stay at home mum, chief cook and bottle washer, mainly, for the first few years, slowly doing more and more artwork as the years went along somehow erodes your mindset about being out there in the big wide world. It was time to shake things up, and though I maybe losing one day per week painting, the benefits of helping in a gallery with people, travel and everything else that comes along with it will far outweigh it.

It started by dusting off my CV, remembering I have lots to offer, reminding myself I have been an artists nude model, run 12 art adult learning courses all by myself each week, worked with homelessness, ESL, dementia, taught pilot schemes for the NHS to prevent mental health issues, to routing out big planks of MDF, being pretty nifty on a column drill and band sander, and could probably still demonstrate with good humour the vagaries of watercolour painting. I was told I was over qualified for the role, and asked am I sure I want to volunteer? as it isn't paid. 

Life isn't all about money, its about quality, and that for me will always take precedence over materialistic gains. I get to give back, meet a variety of people, learn new skills and step out of my comfort zone, which can be scary but also totally gratifying when you CAN do it.....and you cannot put an amount of money on that! 

In other news, I danced myself silly in Blackpool, met some wonderful people again, and generally let my hair down. In high contrast, this week sees me reeling myself in in terms of getting back to eating better and exercising, things I let drift over the school holidays. 

Why do I mention some of the personal stuff? Well I am not just this or that, one definition or another, everything links, and looking after my carcass, spirit, soul and anything that makes me tick smoother, is all part of every painting I do.

So if theres something you want to do, just do it! Go, shake up your week, live for life, don't let it live for you...theres a big difference! You are always smarter, lovelier, and more special than you will ever give yourself credit for, so just DO IT...go ride that BMX, give something back to the community, learn something new, anything that keeps you feeling alive is SO worth the feeling unsure about....particularly when you have folk cheering you on too.

A HUGE thank you here to the most sexy, supportive Twitter folk any gal could get lucky enough to have...thank you for your support, encouragement and love...always appreciated! KTF xxx

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