Mardy Bum!

So here I am in the aftermath of a meeting this morning with my local council. The upset to my world draws ever closer.

I am just a working class gal, I live in council property (tenancy of 20 years, before council houses became the preserve of benefit culture), and am going to live in said property through a full house rewire, new bathroom, kitchen, doors, lintels, pointing and roof studio will be none existent, for who knows how long, and essentially I am a very Mardy Bum today taking out my anger in the form of singing to my favourite Arctic Monkeys album ...and not a gal that can easily hide her feelings, and this really does relieve the pressure.

I am quite comfortable being what I am, see no good reason to pretend I am anything but. So what does it spell? Actually I have no idea, concerned that I can't paint or work, but I am hoping the fear is worse than the event! Although the supervisor did mention its like Beirut during the rewire....not quite what I wanted to hear!

Works start week commencing October 10th, one full week after I hit another year ticked off. I have had allot of reason to think about my life status of late, should I be ashamed of my roots? What I am? That I scratch a living? That I don't fit in some places?

Actually NO, I don't feel any of that, I am proud of my roots, my Dad, Granddad both miners, equally grafting for a I sad I gave up the gallery opportunity earlier this week, because which ever way I sliced it I could not relate to the academic intellectualism much of the gallery is based on, and the lack of stuff to do...I simply can't sit on my arse all day doing nothing, proper right against the grain!

So here I am, warts and all, a ticked off Barnsley Bird thats going to get over herself with singing and fantasies of doing a runner Thelma and Louise Style..whatever you are, be IT, don't hide it...people may scoff, look down, but I tell you what, you'll never regret the integrity of being real and your own beautiful version of a human doing! I don't, though I'll be living in a war zone for upto 6 weeks!..Breathe Nik, just breathe! Whatever people say I am, Thats What I'm not! KTF xxx

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