Time Out

Well what a week its been! Son has gone back to school, painted two in the black and white series for Neils site, and I did a scooter watercolour commission on rest for the wicked!

The picture above is one of Neils works, thats currently for sale on eBay (link on title), and that gal there will be me....awaiting a train, I have sneaked a quick away to Blackpool as a birthday treat...given I can't on my actual birthday. Off to dance the night away at the Tower again. Ready for some time out, its the only time I actually DO rest as am constantly doing something when at home.

Neil does some wonderful works, both prints and originals are available through a variety of sources, but you can find all his information here. I am proud and honoured to have my work alongside this totally great artist and really cool chap! Lovely bloke...and a special mention to Mister Pete too for helping me along with it. 

So any black and white Northern Soul work will be exclusively sold through Neils site for now, see how it works out for us both...either way I hope we can work together in future, am still a bit star struck!

Today I applied to volunteer at a wonderful art gallery in Sheffield, if I get it, its one day per week so still gives me time to paint. I think it will enhance my painting, and certainly my work skills confidence, its been a while working from home and would be magic to interact with creatives and the public again. Fingers crossed!

Workwise I am a bit all over the place really, queuing commissions, the next up is a Granada in acrylic gouache, then a watercolour scoot...and I still have SO many ideas for my own work, trying to keep them all going is taking a bit of figuring, but I shall get there! KTF xxx

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