Goodbye (for now)

Well the day has arrived, packing up my studio, as its going to take longer than I thought as stuff needs to go to a hired lock up, to keep it dust free from the chasing out of the brickwork for the rewire. This was the point where I was going to be packing up for good, but there are lifeline projects till March at least...which is exactly what I need to keep a ray of hope today.

No clue how long my studio will be down for, all I can try and do is pack it with love and care, and use it as an opportunity to clear it out of any gubbins that is less than useful.

I won't be listing my paintings on eBay for a while, and will be packing up my studio in such a way that if there is a sale from my site or Neils, I can still fulfil the order....going to take some thinking about but am sure I can organise it.

Not really sure how long it will be out of action, I am supposed to receive a phone call on Thursday to inform me what will happen when over the next 6 weeks, week commencing 10 Oct 2016. I really underestimated the disruption all this work would cause. One minute I feel pretty optimistic about it, the safer electrics, my studio main light won't fizz at the socket when I switch it on, ridding the house of the 30 year old kitchen and bathroom with the like Bakerlite cistern. But now I see the enormity of not only the works being done to the house, the invasion/violation of my home but also all the putting back together and decorating of full or part of rooms for the whole house, getting everything back in the loft, furniture back etc....overwhelming at best. 

Quite taken aback of how upset I feel at packing up my studio, but its not like I have a choice, know it needs to be done, and giving myself time to do it properly will be worth it. However the amount of stuff in there, has all evolved to being the way it is through use, and however careful I am its not going to go back the same as it is. Not really sure yet how I will keep drawing/painting through this period, although I have been offered temporary studio space, but someone needs to be here too whilst the work is underway, and that will be me. I get grumpy when I don't create, so will need to find some outlet somewhere!

So if you are trying to contact me, Twitter, email, Facebook and my reply takes a while, or I miss something (it's nothing personal, just rattle my cage again) please bare with me, as generally I will be meeting myself coming back, but I will do what I can, when I can. I hope to stay sane by remaining on Twitter at the very least.

So goodbye for now studio, hopefully we'll be rocking and rolling again soon, KTF xxx

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