Keep On Keeping On

Well here I am week three into the council renovations. Its been testing to say the least. Finally though, the kitchen was fitted and I even got running water in there yesterday....filling the kettle and washing the pots in the bathroom was interesting!

I could probably write a thousand pages on the nightmare that has been this last 3 weeks so far, but that will bore the pants off you no doubt. Having most of the house in boxes in the storage unit or shed, is challenging but finally turned the corner I think, and heading towards a safer and better environment in which to live. 

Two bedrooms are complete, no longer sleeping on the floor, I totally redecorated my studio and thats now a gorgeous working room...if only I had time to get back to work!

The council still need to tile, lay flooring and paint both the bathroom and kitchen, replace a lintel, roof works, pointing and loft insulation...oh and fit the correct front door! The invasion by workmen, lack of privacy and general merry go round of folk in and out is driving me a bit nuts now.

I TOTALLY and utterly underestimated the impact of these works, especially the full rewire, I just cried when I walked in the house after it was done, the mess, bare wires, breakages, the complete lack of respect for my home was just about enough. I am still removing dust two weeks later.

Anyway because I am decorating and managing all of this mostly on my own, its taking its toll, but am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now. I have the living room to redecorate which I can do as most of my kitchen is out of my bay window and into kitchen cupboards, the hall and landing to decorate and relay the carpets, decorate the bathroom and kitchen after the council have finished and sealed the bare plaster, and unpack all the boxes from the shed and storage unit.

At the end of every long day I light a scented candle, gives me something pretty and frivolous whist I have been living in a shed...and reminds me to keep on keeping on. It's amazing what you appreciate when normal things are removed from your life and you are at the mercy of the council....its been very difficult, tiring and bruising of body and soul, but I still feel lucky, and its made me take normal things less for granted...bring back 14 hour days painting in my studio, thats going to feel a doddle compared to all of this. 

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