Alighting the Crazy Train!

Well almost! 41 days since my kitchen was ripped out, 3 weeks tomorrow since the designated 'handover' of my house...still not happened, council contractors were still doing work this week, hoping its about done now. 

Numerous tantrums, tears, frustrations and to top it off, first day in my actual studio proper door attached is having his house rewired right now. The noise is horrendous...and I have to stay in because my sons laptop is being picked up for repair. Murphy is having a laugh at my expense again!

Had some horrible low times I thought I'd never get through, lack of sleep, health issues, additional serious financial difficulties on top of the renovations... so far survived 100% of bad days, so I am going with that. The house is about turned around now, storage unit empty, and decorated throughout. There are still jobs to do, but essentially I can now start work again, catching up all I have missed if I can, and get on with just living! I really need to claw my life back, fun, laughter, working, enjoyment, seeing stuff other than mess, dirt, and shed loads of decorating! I feel like I have been on another planet for 6 weeks.

First up will be getting back to folk regarding work, two commission quotes, list some old paintings on eBay to start tonight, try catch up with all other messages on Twitter etc, then a small painting over the next couple of days for my living room to get myself back in the saddle and mindset. New work from Monday all being well. Really need to make working a priority again, try and earn something to live with!

I realise, and have had it pointed out that there are folk much worse off than me, I get that, but I have a definite sense of a life changing event, the before the house was done, and after...a new chapter, hopefully a better one. This year has been truly awful since the 6th Dec 2015, a head on car crash that wrote off the seemed to trigger a year of horrible experiences, serious financial difficulties and just one I'd prefer to forget.

Financial help enabled me to get the house decorated, without, there simply would be no way it would even have paint on the walls, so now its warm, safe (fizzy electrical sockets, horrible bathroom and kitchen gone) and a lovely place to live...thank you! Despite all the tears, the low moods, mess, I figured out I am stronger than I thought, and that life... it goes on. KTF xxx

PS. Please rattle my cage again if I missed anything from you and don't manage to find it over the next few days, I will do my level best to catch sincere apologies xxx

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