Old Work and New Start

Selection of my old works for auction on eBay ending 04.11.16

For the next few weeks I am listing old works from various genres before I put the remainder into the loft, my studio simply cannot hold much more! So a new batch of 9 or so each Thursday  for a 10 day auction, ending Sunday between 9 and 10pm. You can see them here, ranging in price from £4.99 to £29.99 including shipping, all well below the time they took me to paint.

In other news, my exceptional intentions of getting straight back into the thick of it work wise fell short yesterday, I had a moment of feeling really resentful as I have not had time to even sort all my own personal gubbins out, makeup etc. Feeling below par and always at the back of the line for care and attention from myself really, everything else comes first. That is ok and my choice mostly, but then it can reach a tipping point.

Anyway it wasn't exactly a day off as a cold that never transpired has given me sinusitis again, but I got my personal stuff sorted and clothes back where they should be after all the upheaval, and the electricians emptying my wardrobe and unceremoniously dumping them all in a pile. I still aim to have two days off in the near future, one for a mini adventure on my own and one just being in the house enjoying just being at home...I can't remember the last time things like that even happened....I can live in hope!

Which brings me to my next thought, I spend so long daily replying to emails, messages, social media stuff, that its taking upto half my studio day. I'd love to do more, but in the main will be dealing with emails as I can in the evenings now I have my laptop back on the internet. I literally have only so many hours in a day, just like everyone else, besides being mum and chief cook and bottle washer, I have to try and divide my time somehow...I still haven't nailed it and miss stuff (sorry), but I am trying! Firefighting every single day is exhausting, with zero time for anything other than work and looking after everyone else, so will try different methods till I can swing it all into place...hopefully.

So fingers crossed I can start living a bit more now, ease into painting, as well as a new commission I have coming up....but also get some fun and enjoyment out of life too now the bulk of the house is sorted...still not signed off tho! KTF Nik, KTF xxx

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