Stop the ride, I want to get off!

I really, truly do just want to get off. I have now forgotten what its like to have a relatively 'normal' life, or where anything is, what fun is, and having a home that is private. Having time to myself is a thing of the past...I even get called through the door whilst at the loo...infact I locked myself in and just cried the other day, it was that or someone was going to end up under the patio.

Still works going on in my house, no bath handle, silicone on walls, holes to the outside, shoddy work in place, good in others, constantly chasing people to finish jobs off, they had even forgotten to fit a wire for the shower in the rewire, so pulled up my new carpet tiles in the studio...the list of irks, upset and utter frustration goes on and on.

Nearly have the living room decorated, that should be a liveable room by the weekend. No carpet on landing and hall, still needs decorating too, belongings still in the storage unit and shed, and me in my decorating clothes daily...I have even lost what day it is! Groundhog day, every single day, get up, decorate, cook, clean up after workmen, make rooms usable at the end of the day, slump in the chair late evening, go to bed....a quick bath if I get lucky....start it all weekends anymore at all.

I just can't wait till the council have finished, signed my house off and out of their 'possession'. Least I can have some privacy then and maybe some time off. Some of the work guys have been nice, but day in and out of strangers has worn really thin now, as has nothing ever being in the same place.

On the upside I am looking forward to getting 'Time Will Pass You By' lyrics on my living room wall, getting my life back eventually and studio time. I miss my own space, privacy, Twitter friendships, my brushes, loud music and dancing like a loon in my studio. Am sure it will happen eventually. I can't believe how wildly I underestimated the works being done, the stuff I was going to have to do, and the general upset, tears and low ebbs...if I'd have known, I'd have done a runner!

To add insult to injury, the painter that is in my house right now is off to the Blackpool Weekender, I have had my ticket for since May, at the weekend and I am not going....its a cruel mean world at times init! If you are going, have a great time though....and know a Barnsley Bird is wishing she was dancing alongside you....but I WILL BE BACK, dancing, going to Blackpool and painting...not necesarily in that order. KTF xxx

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