Thank you!

Ok, so its been a tough time. Never ever underestimate where brick dust can get...or for how long into the future..and I have developed a dislike for sparkies (electricians) barring Dan, hes nice! I am house proud, I may not have allot but I look after it and take pride in my nest. I also find lack of privacy really difficult, coupled with the financial and mood implications of being unable to paint...its been a mare! 

There was one plumber who did shoddy work...he was sacked, not over my house but elsewhere, also an electrician that pointed out I am having allot of money spent on the house, essentially I should be grateful. Baring your tone, I am! But on the other side of that coin I have paid full rent for 20 years and it wasn't reduced when I had a less than standard home, unsafe in places!

But I DO want it to go on record I am grateful for the work thats been done, I have met some fab people, especially Phil and Si from APM...lets face it they were here to do a job, its not any one of the work chaps fault my house is invaded, messy, dirty, upturned etc. 

I am grateful to have met some lovely genuine people, most of which didn't treat my house like a worksite, some did. We are not all swamp donkeys that treat the house because it is council like it doesn't need love and attention. I love it, I look after it, its our home! 

I am kind of a 50s housewife, love a pretty clean home, good home cooked food on the table done in my pinny, to anyone that walks through my door....but like to work 60 hours a week too painting, with a bit of gob and attitude at times if pushed...its tricky existance, an introverted extrovert!

Les has been a star, my liaison officer, a smile and caring goes a VERY long way when you are close to crying! He talked to me about fish too, which sounds silly but a welcome relief to my tiny world of house, house, chasing folk, house and decorating! Martin, has been ace he owns a really smart Lammy! Al the plasterer introduced me to a magical world of Japanese model making, Phil let me have a go with his trowely thing and do some grouting. I have had some laughs along the way too!

So yes I am in social housing, no I don't live like a swamp donkey...and credit where credit is due, folk like Phil, Si and Alan (APM boss) treated my home like they would want theirs treating, and even though I am glad to be getting back to normal without you, a BIG THANK YOU for making my home safe and introducing me to a whole manner of different experiences...out the other side almost, you CAN evaluate from a more positive perspective! Thanks guys xxx

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