At me! New tshirt!

Happy New Year...and many thanks for your support and patience in the previous one. I am aiming to be positive this year so will just dip my toes into an update, then move onto better things!

From the council house renovations October 13th to 4th December almost straight into Christmas, with a brief period in the studio, most of which was painting an album cover commission based on Lazer Guided Melodies by Spirtualized, which I enjoyed, and a very happy client at the end, but little in terms of my own work produced.

Reversed colourway commission 60cm x 60cm

I totally underestimated how flat out exhausted I got, very low mood that still lingered, questioned depression, health issues related, not helped by other financial difficulties and no breaks, fun or going away, having to cancel my Blackpool trip for the Northern Soul Weekender at the Tower in November. 

I have been VERY lazy over Christmas, sleeping longer everyday, sitting still (even if it bored me to death eventually), deliberately kept myself out of the studio and assigned the whole holidays to procrastinating... I feel like I have finally recovered on the whole, I get up feeling perky with enthusiasm again...its been a LONG while!

 I am as behind as I always am with correspondence, I just need to accept am rubbish at that kind of thing and do the best I can, some folk are brilliant at being efficient, I set out to be that way, and then get distracted/don't remember to sort emails, lists, write down addresses, or birthdays, or life etc. I now have a new spiffy notebook to try and organise my chaotic carcass, and hold myself accountable in the absence of a paid supervisor. Adulting really isn't my thing at all, in all honesty.

So theres a bright shiny new year full of possibilities ahead, with a thoroughly horrible year in my rear view mirror now. The majority of the years horrors totally out of my control, just swept along in the dire circumstances not caused by me at now its my turn! Time to grab my life by the proverbials, and enjoy it a whole lot more! I have a forth coming commission of a skull and beetle to look forward to for a gorgeous lady thats supported me for many years through many genres (thank you), also a charity painting for Cancer UK for the comedy carpet event in Blackpool in June. 

Before all of that, some VERY exciting news, two of my artworks are being featured by Soul and Ska Clothing for their Autumn/Winter 2017 range. The range launches to the trade on Jan 20th, with the official launch at Jacket Required at the end of January, at the Truman Brewery, London E1. They will be available to purchase from August 2017, although I have asked about pre-ordering, and will update you if they are. Here they are, and below each are the links to the original coloured painting artworks should you want to own one, theres only one of each....the tees are black with high quality printing by an excellent clothing company.

Ten Miles High - watercolour £37.00 free P&P

Tomorrow 3rd Jan I get myself back in the studio, get my life back proper till next school holiday...and I just can't wait! Brushes, gooey paint, my music to wiggle to in my bijou studio, what more could a girl ask for! Finish up a Northern Soul girl painting, start new ones, update Etsy and my website with new work as both have been neglected in recent months.

Heres to a great new year for all of us, full of dancing, love, laughter, fun and adventures KTF xxx

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