My Parka & Remembering an Era

My very own Lambretta Parka, right sleeve, with Remembering an Era sew on patch.

Over the Christmas holidays I finally got around to sewing some patches I had to my Lambretta parka. I'd have loved a proper one, the military one, or even an old original Mod one already patched but funds couldn't run to it. I bought this last year and have been meaning to make it my own since.

I have replaced the hood fur, as it was a bit minky, and a girl needs soft (faux) fur in a full and unapologetic state of fluffiness. I also wanted to add to my existing unsewn on patches with some Christmas money for new ones. Given I am not a Mod, Modette proper, or even ride a scooter, but simply adore these coats, I wanted it to reflect me, my love of Northern Soul, my respect and love of the Mod culture as opposed to a faking mod Parka and slapping any patches on I liked....put some love, respect and thought into it.

On my journeying for badges and patches, I came across Mark, and his dream Remembering an Era  which fitted me and my parka PERFECTLY! Hes designed these pins, keyring and sew on patch combining two iconic images to remember his Dad. I ordered the sew on patch from his eBay shop, had a lovely natter with him and was delighted with the patch I received, and he was kind enough to send me the pin too that comes in a delightful gift bag that is as superb quality as the badge and patch...I wear both with total pride, as for me they show my love and respect for the era and culture without me trying to be something I am not. 

The range of products from Remembering an Era...can be purchased directly from the site or from eBay....just click the links.

The Remembering an Era pin badge on my lapel...and was SO lucky that the lovely Mark (@princebusters) sent me a Fife Lone Shark Scooter Club badge with the Shark I LOVED painting on this commission.

I still haven't found patches for the places I go in Sheffield sadly, nor for places in Blackpool I have been and I got the next best thing of an original style Blackpool Mecca Soul patch, and one for me being a Yorkshire lassy. Sewn them alongside my Woodseats Sheffield Soul patch where I met Tommy Hunt, and my Comedy Carpet 1st anniversary patch I got last May, on probably one of the best weekends I have had in Blackpool.

I got me a Wigan badge because that has to be one of my favourite sounds, hope to add the other iconic venues as I can afford to in pin badge form, and a plethora of soul girl/soul sister badges....a good start to add to as I go along and go to different places. I would run back in a burning building for this coat, I adore it and wear it everywhere...its like being wrapped in a bear hug, and I love hugs! KTF xxx

My very own Lambretta Parka, left sleeve.

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