Parka Take Two!

MJs M65 Parka as it arrived.

On the 9th of January to my utter shock, surprise and complete delight, I received this wonderful M65 Parka through the post with a M51 hood. A magic chap had read my blog about my Lambretta Parka and decided I would be a good home for his spare...I wanted to gift him a painting but it doesn't sit well with him. So kind, generous and exciting, thank you!

That left me with a slight dilemma, of whether to keep both Parkas or to move exclusively into the M65, a nice problem to have. I decided in the end to move in lock, stock and barrel, given its removable liner, which is warmer than I thought, and that I don't go out often enough to even wear two!

Moving in!

With this in mind I sourced a M65 extreme weather hood for it, so its good for winter, but will keep the cotton M51 hood with no fur or lining for summer...perfect! The hood was £18.75 free shipping with proceeds to Help for Heros (result!). I washed it (and the parka) to start anew, removed the wire from the hood that was badly kinked, and replaced the dead ferret looking faux fur with a faux fur stole from another coat I have. I love the look of real fur but for ethical reasons didn't want to, nor would I beable to afford a fox or racoon trim, just not my thing....very sore fingers later the deed was done!

 The original M65 hood as I received it.

 After I removed the wire and added my own faux fur.

So once the hood was complete, I moved out of the Lambretta one, removing some of the patches, collected together all my badges from other coats, bags etc, and purchased about 5 additional patches and 5 pin/button badges. Eventually got them all on there, including two of my own designs that I printed from my lino blocks, the 'Soulie' large patch for the back, and the smaller Northern Soul fist on the front. I have kept the original patches that came with it, slightly reconfigured, out of respect for the wonderful chap who gave it me. Its taken the best part of a full weekend to do, but is a great start and will be added to along the way.

I have also restitched the liners quilting to make it all nice and smart, replaced buttons where needed, and stuck to making it my own that reflects me, is respectful to the Mod culture, and has allot of love, thought and respect placed into it...I WILL go back in a burning building for this coat, thats now VERY affectionately known as 'The Beast'...Do I love it? Indeed I do! KTF xxx

My beloved Remembering an Era patch and pin badge, She-Ra button and gorgeous Soul Girl ones.

Patches, because I adore them...for more info on why I chose them, please see previous blog. Still a bit stiff and new, so will be making them a little more worn in, for the scallywag I am.

Close ups of my M65, The Beast...very treasured and loved! Above my own patches, there are a couple up on eBay now if you want similar.

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