Patches and Particulars

Hand printed patches for Parkas, denim jackets, cushions, bags, pennants...from my own designs and hand carved lino blocks.

Well I have been well and truly distracted by refurbishing my beloved M65 parka, but out of that came printing up some unique patches from my own designs. I loved mine for my parka that much I decided to try some for sale. They'll either be loved and sold, or abandoned...we shall see. I love the uniqueness, the vintageness and subtlety of them. I have 6 sets of two for the next 3 weeks on eBay to give me a feel whether they are wanted, if not there then may try Etsy, and just not make any more.

If they are received well then I'd dearly love to make some specific designs, different ones. The patches and badges for sale are lovely as I buy them myself but also good to bring on the fresh and new too...a 2017 approach to pimping the things you love, make them as unique as you are! You can bid on the patches here, if ya fancy...thank you!

In other news I purchased a box canvas 20x28inches (70x50cm) for a charity painting I am doing for Cancer UK which will be auctioned, for the Northern Soul Return to the Carpet in Blackpool 28th May 2017 2.30 - 6.30pm, I am going to do my best to be there, as it blew me away last year, I LOVED it! Danced myself silly I did!

Whilst I am painting this I shall be also running another mod scoot painting alongside for my website that I have been meaning to do for ages, also want to try my hand at a Lammy racing one too, and will be listing two new paintings ('My Kind of Girl', and 'A Well Respected Man') that are now complete on there today too.

The latest has taken a while to paint as I have been experimenting with doing the same vintage style but onto box canvas, so the painting is ready to hang straight from the postal packet. My thinking is that framing is sometimes an issue for clients. It will take sometime to totally shift over to this way of painting, as I have a store of canvas boards, and not of canvases, and this stuff just isn't I need sales to move this forward really, what will be will be!

Blow my work a kiss please on the evening of the 20th January, as its when my tshirt designs for Soul and Ska Clothing are released to the would be SO lovely to finally be making my mark on the world! KTF lovelies xxx

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