Tickling and Testing

Screen shots with clearer pricing....hopefully!

Today after a testing time with my teen, I have been tickling my website. Why on earth I had not thought about it before I have no idea...but as the saying goes, when you know better, do better!

So now the price is listed beside every painting (if for sale), not having to click through to find the price, and 'sold' next to the rest. All for sale can be got to by clicking 'Buy Originals' or the 'ONSALE' tag/label at the bottom of the page.

The sold ones may be sold, not available because I have donated them, are on reserve, or are commissioned pieces. All sales are secure through PayPal as always, but now it tells you easily that all my prices include free beautiful packaging, first class signed for postage to regular UK postcodes...wrapped with love, tenderness and arty sexiness! No longer do you need to hunt for this information. Hope this is better for anyone navigating my have been a bit of a nugget there Nik! Onwards...

Work in progress: 'Seven Day Lover' 20x28in box canvas, for auction in Blackpool 28th May 2017

In other news, this week I have been painting the piece I am donating for the Return to the Carpet, 'Seven Day Lover'...its coming along a treat, and very positive feedback so far. Currently amid working the skirt, the patches will be last so I can balance up the colours visually. I may also have volunteered to design the flyers, posters and patches for the event! How exciting....just waiting to hear of the formats etc.

Work in progress: 'All or Nothing' 16x16in box canvas.

Also this week I started this absolute gem of an image of Chris Green. Since I first tinkered painting scooters, I have fawned over the embellished ones, wanting to paint one. Finally I grew the proverbials to give it a go, and I was lucky enough to get permission to use this photo from Chris in September, so now its on....I am absolutely loving it. Its good to swap between artwork, keeps me motivated, stimulated and refreshes my mind, as each requires a different approach. 

The coming week ahead is continuing some concept sketches for a lovely lady of a skull and milkweed beetle. I submitted 3 rough sketches, so now its refining and fleshing out the then hopefully a commission at the end and a very happy lady! I will also be continuing with the above paintings all being well, KTF xxx

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