Beautiful People

A wonderfully busy week, and I am sat typing this whilst a have a little time 'off', at least away from the studio, give myself a bit of a break as those ideas keep on coming, so refreshing myself doing life 'stuff' and gearing up for the week ahead!

This week saw the advert in collaboration with Mister Mark from 'Remembering an Era' appear amongst the glossy pages of Scootering Magazine...I did mention to Mark it had landed on the best page, he told me he was too polite to mention it....seemingly I am not! Ha! Its a good un, take a peek.

I was lucky enough to be trusted to create 'Storm Rider' as a commission. it was a wonderful thing to do, lent itself beautifully to pastel and the lovely Mister is happy with it!

In my personal life the end of one era and the start of a new one....VERY long story that started with a head on collision 6th Dec 2015, and brought with it 12 months of horribles, but finally (fingers crossed) ended on Thursday with Roxi, the new addition to the family. An 02 plate new shaped Mini One, shes an old girl, but is completely adorable, a few bits and bobs of cosmetic wear (a bit like me) but its like zipping around in Marios Cart, fantastic finally draw a line under the unmentionable year is a relief, and just feels she gets a damn good fettle and detailing in the sunshine.

Talking of beauty in age (am going with it) the new Vintage Polaroid series of Remembered Imaginings has been really popular so far, only one original left out of 5, 'It Keeps Raining' and given its of the infamous Barrowlands, Glasgow, will probably take a while to sell as its not in everyones go to places being so far away, from me at least...but I know a lovely chap from near there thats bought lots of my work, and the stories are ace, they got in my skull, and well this series is all about the stuff I imagine remembering, so caution to the wind and paint them, no matter how potentially risky they are to sell.

I came across the above quote on Pinterest yesterday, and it just really sums up whats behind the Polaroid series, its my creative reworking of all the impressions I have taken into my psyche over the past few years experiencing, researching, loving, dancing, painting this magical genre and meeting some of the most beautiful people I ever did meet.....sharing their stories in pubs, at events, their lives for real and on Twitter, their memories, that have supported me constantly through all my ups and downs, and continue to do so either by buying my work or sharing it, putting the word out. Thank you, it never goes unappreciated. 

There is beauty in time, in destruction and damage, a patina to these artworks, to me and my life. I may not be old enough to have enjoyed Wigan Casino, or The Twisted Wheel...what I wouldn't have given, alas it was never to be, but at least this way my creativity can connect me forever to the beauty of the past. KTF xxx

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