Dancing on the Carpet!

Well FINALLY yesterday I finished my charity painting 'Seven Day Lover' (more photos of the painting here) for the Cancer Research auction in Blackpool for the Dancing on the Carpet event from 2pm below the Tower on the Prom Sunday 28th May 2017.

I cannot lie, I have found the last haul a hard one, whether its because I have moved on creatively since I started it in January, or whether its just hard work painting all the detail, I am not sure...but after about 36 hours total just painting time it is complete.

I designed the painting around Seven Day Lover (video here if you don't know it), for a fair few reasons, its my VERY favourite Northern Soul tune, the lady DJ played it as a request for me on the Comedy Carpet from the huge lorry stage at last years event in Blackpool, she said it was her favourite too...I have danced to it SO many times, it never ever gets any less blissful, and that song always appears on the Blackpool Mecca compilations, hazarding it was made most popular in the Mecca back in the day.

Patches are all Blackpool based, looking back to the past with the Blackpool Casino, The Mecca and the Highlands Room...but also all three patches (the first years was a logo on a teeshirt but I artistic licensed it) from the Dancing on the Carpet events...which look to the future for better understanding of cancer with the funding to research more.

So on the day, I think its towards 5pm ish, if my memory serves me right, this painting will be auctioned along with two others (I will post them here if I get hold of them) with all proceeds to Cancer Research UK. You can get your prepaid wrist band and 2017 patch that features on the bag by clicking the highlighted text for each or even better BOTH! 

You can also ask questions about the painting by contacting me, or if you want to find out more about the event, here is the Facebook event page Return To The Carpet 2017.

I got my wristband and patch yesterday, I will be pulling out all the stops to be there for the whole weekend again, as it really is superb, lovely folk, great atmosphere, that you can enjoy all weekend, not just the event, detail on poster below...see you there sexy people. KTF xxx

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