Remembered Imaginings

Remembered Imaginings are now keeping me awake at least last night all I wanted to do is get back up at 2.16am and paint! So excited to finish my recently completed 'Polaroid' Merry Go Round.

So they feel to be emerging as imaginings that are various culminations of photos I have seen or videos that throughout this journey connect with me emotionally, the people I have met, my friends on Twitter, they combine, swirl around and have breathed a life into me by becoming paintings that I really feel, as if I was there and took the photograph. Probably the most personally close series of paintings to date, they are like a life imagined, but feel almost real to me.

Three now are in existence, little snap shots of my love and imagination for painting within these genres....they are quite self indulgent in that regard but seem to be well loved on social media, which is very encouraging. The painted originals are 2.5 times the size of an original polaroid, that I scan and then reduce to produce the high quality prints. 

***updated 30/03/17: I can live an almost imagined 'life' through these 'polaroids'... all my paintings are painted from the heart but these just feel really special as they engage me on a level emotionally I haven't felt before. They are in some ways better than memory, evoking images through feelings even though I will use reference pictures....sadly I was too young to enjoy the magic of these paintings for real, but that doesn't make me love the 'memories' any less.

Memories fade over time, get muddled, but these remain true to their intention, integrity, love, passion and feelings...I may deliberately use artistic license and, I suppose, set myself up for criticism that that venue wasn't exactly that etc, but I hope to convey like a dreamlike experience, insofar as when you try to remember one, its a swirl of recollections, but are just out of imaginations way of creating an outlet for all the wonderful impressions that have become part of me since falling inlove with the music, people and dancing.***

I think there will be more for now, as my brain is firing off 108 ideas a day at least, its magic feeling so inspired. Each one will be made available as a polaroid size print, or on a card to send as a keepsake, or in sets for you to frame, make a coffee table or scrap book, a collectible and affordable way to have a whole series of my artwork. Below is a little scrapbook example I made earlier, maybe for your living room, Scooter Shop, Mod Clothing Shop or to frame in groups or individually...they are available from my Etsy Shop.

Thank you as always for you continued support...still keeping the faith! xxx

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