Rocking the Dilemma

Well I had two curve balls in my brain, two paintings that were nerkling at my skull, and yesterday I finished the second disco one. Not entirely sure where they came from or why, but very enjoyable none the less...and will go onsale tonight, I have decided not to auction them as it just leads to heartache.

So at this point I now have two oustanding paintings and one gnawing my brain waiting in the wings. Firstly 'Seven Day Lover' will hopefully be complete in the next few days, ready for the Blackpool event in May where it will be auctioned for Cancer Research UK charity. I just hope I can afford to post it, its pretty big! Here is where its at currently, just the right side bag, all the patches and laces to complete now.

The second painting which is currently unfinished is 'All or Nothing', and the one that is causing me the dilemma. Its a VERY time intensive piece, it having so many mirrors and chrome...but I am highly concerned it will take so long it will be out of the reach of most pockets price wise. Pricing is becoming a real issue, preventitive in that its making starting paintings pointless due to the time/price, there is nothing else I can trim, so am I better abandoning it? I am loving it, the actual painting is great but if I can't sell it without it being for a really low hourly rate and therefore feels soul destroying, is there a point in continuing with it? Here it is so far:

Whilst I wrestle my brain around that, in other news my artwork is featuring in an advert for the magic patches, badges and keyrings of and being featured in 'Scootering' magazine, out 25th March. Mark made a great job of it, so keep an eye out and honestly, the patches etc are superb quality:

I think that is all there is to report at this time, my next painting waiting in the wings will no doubt reflect my current obsession with old Polaroid prints, the bleaching, the degradation of these images is just magical....quite possibly a large Lambretta one, but that depends on approximate time to create potentially scuppering it before I even start... how wonderful would it be to paint without this consideration bending what I should do? KTF xxx

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