In the Balance we are again, no Musing blog in ages, and now two at once (ish). Today I sat with a pretty heavy heart wondering what to do for my part time paintings, ones for eBay auctions to keep the wheels turning.

Had to keep rolling it back till I finally understood, as ever, that the problem is not the problem, its just how I think about the problem. I finally got it, that I was placing far too much emphasis on subject rather than my absolute LOVE of painting, I need it like air! 

My whole existence was in the balance as an artist through my own stubbornness to not paint the genres I love being Mod and Northern Soul....alternative? go get a job, caring, stacking shelves, and whilst I admire the folk that do that work, its hard, and baring being good at talking, acting the goat, making hot chocolate and lining things up, labels facing out, I probably wouldn't last too long in fairness!

So once I got out of my own way, I produced two very lovely paintings I am proud of, they matched up to what was in my head, but more importantly they made me feel good...AND have been REALLY well received....thank you Twitter and Facebook folk, your support and encouragement has kept me going!

Theres 'Foxy' basically I love foxes, been looking for some fox fabric to make a skirt...I will find some in the colours above! Then we have 'Nar Then' something I say WAY too much, very Barnsley, but just love it and it looks like thats what hes saying. Both will be listed on auction on Sunday for a week (23rd-30th April)

I had a robin in my garden for about 2.5 years, always saw him around, then I saw two, both flitting around my garden towards the end of that time perod...then one day, a pile of red and brown feathers, no, he'd not taken up being a magician, but my adorable, beautiful Claude Cat, had had one, though I didn't think that much of him at that point. The other I still see most days thank fully...stunning birds!

So now there is another robin in the world, it won't replace the one lost but I still love this one!

So, so far so good, I will make paintings that hoefully appeal to a much wider audience 1-2 days a week, and can then not fret (if they sell of course) whilst I paint my love of Mod and Northern Soul, but particularly scoots...I could paint in the detailed way, all day every day, till my very last breath and never get them...and the folk that ride em! KTF sexy people, get out your own way and keep on keeping on xxx

PS I REALLY now want to paint a fox as a Mod on a scoot, with a  man todger (John Thomas...Mick you know what am on about) from a flag pole at the back...just makes me chuckle!!! ;-) xxx

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