In with the new!

To bring you upto speed, briefly, I am painting other subjects for a wider audience to go alongside my Mod and Northern Soul art. I realised that not many people will have seen all the other work I have done before, that am not just a one trick pony, so decided to sling a gallery together. The new stuff will also appear on the new part of the site, with just a separate page link to any for sale.

It didn't quite pan out as easy as planned, had to change the how to do it (once I had spent all morning uploading pictures individually) and buy a new domain name to host it. So here we go again, time to start uploading!

Some work is from years and years ago, some as recent as this year, I don't remember the dates, and probably won't remember the if my title doesn't match a painting you have bought, its just my brain. I am not even sure,in all fairness,that I will have to title them, won't know till I start, but have tried to keep to the same format as the rest of this site, as its pretty easy to navigate and looks smart, so why change whats not broken, even if it takes longer to get it where I want it to be!

These paintings have been from highly detailed works for the sheer hell of it, some for exhibition, some for eBay, they span a HUGE variety of subjects from cheeky girls, to naughty boys...from sunkissed tomatoes, to a zebra rocking orange Lennon specs....please don't judge me ;-)...there are themes and threads that weave throughout all of it, some dark times have yielded darker images, happier times brighter images...they all reflect an aspect of me, and they have all developed my art to where I am now.

Sadly there are many missing, way back, taking photos wasn't as easy, so some may be a bit blurred, but I decided to include them as it shows a little tiny portion of my creative journey. I will pop the link to the new gallery on social media when its finished.

I was supposed to be heading back to painting the scooter, as soon as this gallery was **should** have taken till yesterday lunchtime, but as with everything tech, it never pans out that way!

In other news I have decided to take part in the Wentworth Art Exhibition again this year with some of the wildlife works, so that may also take up my time over the next few weeks...but rest assured inbetween I will be finishing my one of my favourite scooter pics so far...ktf xxx

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