Part Time Lover

Well the Easter school holidays are nearly over, and I also hit a bit of a wall....both personally and work wise. All ok, not been assigned a cuddle coat just yet, although churning over what to do in my mind is enough to drive me a bit doolally!

Back to chewing over my arch nemesis of art vs sales, and just out the blue a few minutes ago it struck me, that its probably worth a punt painting part time, not getting a job...hell fire, who would want me? Anyway, looking at dividing my time, between what I do now with the Mod and Northern Soul, and a whole range of subjects to be my bread and butter that will hopefully finance being able to remain as an artist. I am thinking its probably worth a shot before being forced to figure out if I am employable?

I may keep them exclusive to Ebay or I may pop a separate area on Etsy and see what happens there, as yet undecided.  I don't have the ready finances to get 'massive' art canvases printed up cheaply and sell at £99 a pop, nor do I want to...just earn a crust, so my loves will be part time, but flexible, not sure how I will divide the time really yet, depends on the subject I guess. Flowers and whatever springs into my mind will either take me forward, sink me or take over...time will tell. I cannot keep flogging a dead horse, folk like my art, but are just not in a position, or don't want to pay for it, so I need to do something constructive before I give it up totally. I have pretty much tried everything I can think of, barring going to a rally, and hope to do that this maybe to sell it all off, who knows!

In other news, whilst I have been giving my brain a rest from thinking this over as it seriously drives me nuts, I have gone back to 'All or Nothing' to probably will not be made available for sale, its very detailed, takes AGES, and the thought of getting a pitiful amount per hour is not conducive to creativity, confidence or motivation! Here it is so far....KTF sexy people xxx

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