Brain Fried!

Image from brainlesstales, a wonderful artists comic site, really funny and clever!

After what seems like 27 days 18 hours and 09 seconds, my brain is completely fried. Given that many of my daily thoughts slip away through my ears at night, I thought I'd better blog it now, giving no chance for random escapeness of what I learned, and I can look back at it when I forget where I wrote all this down.

So here it is so far, in the quest to educate myself to become better at the promotion of my artwork.

1. I ended up deleting a few saved pins, as it was bunkham, self promotion, no help whatsoever despite the very enticing title...onwards, not to feel defeated at the first hurdle.

2. There are some excellent bloggers too that are honest, upfront and real about their experiences, which are actually helpful, the best I found was by a lovely lady artist on Folksy, Trudi Murray and her article about Artist Confidence, nice not to feel alone in wondering whether my art is good enough to sell, refreshing!
3. Artists and makers of all types all seem to have very similar experiences in terms of pricing their wares and marketing difficulties, I am not alone in this either. 

4. Not to under value my work, properly consider the costs, that is: ALL material costs, fees interms of what site it is on or fees to receive payment, packaging costs, my time for packaging and posting, drawing, research, and painting! The price of any artwork really is not pure profit by a very long chalk, my time and skills are as valuable as the next persons.

5. Undervaluing work also undermines other artists, though I had never thought of this, so if that has ever happened, my profuse apologies, and certainly not intentional.

6. New areas to consider would be a Flickr account, posting to group art Pinterest boards, Redbubble and Zazzle. Though I reckon I need to research a little more first, see what people may like to see with my work on? Teeshirts? Mugs? As posters? Maybe not? If you have an opinion on this please give me a shout! Thank you.

7. Need to learn more about effective SEO (search engine optimisation) so Google etc can find me better (insert brain implode emoji)...I never even knew using itallics and bold could even influence this! Apparently so.

8. Use automation to show my work from my website, not just ones for sale and certainly not to bombard my social media feeds with it, but am sure a few per day would be quite nice for folk to see what I have done and can do, because I never remember to do this.

9. That this is a marathon and not a sprint, and just to remember that I have come a along way, even since a year ago and I am still hanging in there! 

Celebrate that Nx, you ain't so bad...KTF! xxx

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