Do It Anyway

A very bitty week past, working on a variety of projects, first up were two eBay auction paintings, of scoots 'Sweet Inspiration' and 'Down In The Valley', both trying out the looser block colour painting style I have used for my Wentworth Art Festival paintings and other animal auction paintings. Using new or adapted styles and transferring them gives me challenges and scope to paint different subjects, or include things I probably wouldn't in other styles.

I am never quite sure whether playing with styles is a good idea, I see other artists that have one firm style, or only cover one genre...I don't seem so well trained, always scribbling outside those lines I guess...pretty much like me as a person really, hard to keep contained. 

Then next up was 'Frankie', a commission of an adorable black cat, very pleased with the finished piece and really makes me want to paint my beautiful cat Claude, though I suspect everything else will get painted first.

I am currently working on a private commission, a memorial painting. I paint, I don't save lives, or anything as honourable, but sometimes I do get the opportunity to plough the very best of my skills into a painting that hopefully will bring love, comfort and happy memories eventually to the recipient. I feel very strongly that I don't want to show the progress of this painting, due to the sensitive nature of it, I'd rather be respectful and not show it off for now, even though I am very proud of it! This is the second such memorial piece and I can't help being emotionally effected by them, but do my level best to process that deeply felt empathy into making a mighty fine job.

So here I am blogging away on a lovely sunny Sunday that I decided to have as a lazy day. Then it occurred to me that I should REALLY start reading all the pins I have collected on my Pinterest board 'Etsy Shop and Business Advice' about artwork marketing, promoting work etc given am sat still for a change.

I have a feeling its going to be as dry as a camels toe nail (that's the clean version 😉) this sh*t is hard work to my non linear synapses, but I WILL do it anyway, see if I can educate myself a bit, and hopefully with small changes I can keep this show on the road! Sometimes you just have to just be your own motivator and be a bit bossy...just do it Nik and stop procrastinating writing this blog!...ktf xxx

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