What a Wonderful World

Satchmo...What a Wonderful World... one of my fave guys, along with Ella (Fitzgerald, a love since I was 17)...and tonight I feel it is! I was able to give my beautiful son £45 towards BIGGER football boots, hes had a year off playing as a goal keeper, as he was put off by a Dad from another team screaming abuse, thanks for being an arse, putting my son off something he adored...he was great at it, his man of the year award as voted by the team said so...GROW UP! ...Fill in the good to the kids, yours or others, they ARE the future!

Anyway, hes going to Sheffield Wednesday (I don't support footy so don't go off on one please, its due to my brother and still no idea why lol) Boot Camp over the school break, £45 for four days intensive training at their ground, I didn't pay for that, but still it's cracking value. He'll be mixing with folk he's never met, at at time in his life its vital he does, especially as we are from such an insular town, and consequently his school, I just think its important that we all find a way to rumble along ok.

Not too often I get personal here these days, theres some right plonkers that think they then 'know' you... anyway, besides the above, my last Granddad died this week, and though not as close as when I was a child, and he lived a good way away, and my 'step Granddad'  he was always REAL to me...did I cry? of course, does it still get me, yes ....but ....its tricky, no more pain for him, thats THE best thing, I have found so much comfort in the thought of his laughter and his joy of making people laugh especially my Mammar (died about four years ago) who he used to wind up something rotten, for fun, she'd swat him and they'd fall about laughing...its proper winged me through this...but what if I can carry it on? What if I can find a way to stop getting so down on myself but actually turn it 180, and for my son, or anyone else remembers me because I made them smile? I am as sure as anything my Granddad would have wanted that, and that would be a proper way to remember him!

In other newses, I completed the private commission and I was very pleased, as it wasn't the easiest photo to work from as it didn't scale well....but I hope I did Mister C proud! 

I am currently on with 'Big City' another Mod collective painting, testing my skills, seeing where they can go..I love the challenge! And I have a 1008 ideas for this style too...but hoping to complete this one tomorrow, get another three done for eBay early next week (enjoyed my return to Alice too this week) and see where the wind blows me...but still my heart stays with Mods and Scoots, and THE Mister Greens WILL get completed!...aiming for a clear run at it, albeit due to circumstances, week after this ...

Its a Wonderful World in all honesty, despite family bereavement, and the usual adulting crapiness we all have to endure...but you can always try to find the positive, and there are ALWAYS fantabulous people that make it shine that little brighter, enjoy them, while they have the time and willingness to enjoy you...jettison the buggers that sap the life out of you for no good me on this!.... its more than worth it! KTF xxx

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