Winds of Change

Pootling into another week, I am full on with the artwork for Wentworth Art Festival, 4 complete and framed (photos of each framed inside the posts over on Other Artwork), added two more to the list too, as 8 is a far better number than 6, I may even get to meet one of my favourite Twitter friends there, as it's not looking like I will make it to Blackpool to see my painting being auctioned for Cancer UK....its not confirmed either way yet, a miracle may happen...but what struck me was the lack of attachment to either outcome, which is a good thing! We shall see, if its in the stars, I guess, a way to go will make itself evident.

Its been pretty expensive getting materials renewed this month, 2 tubes of paint the other day came to over £22.00, making it 78.5p per MILLILITRE, the other two gouache 28p per millilitre, its no cheap business being an artist if you want to offer the best longevity, colour and service. All of which I pride myself on. Paper, grey board for shipping, paints, mounts have rattled up a bill of over £100, and that just essentials, no glorious new stuff just because its gorgeous or its a colour thats SO divine I just want to lick it (true lol). But what can you do eh?

So four more paintings to complete, Hare, Fox, Harvest Mouse and a Bumble Bee for the exhibition, then two for auction on eBay are priority this week, then hopefully get the scoot finished...I know, it sadly keeps getting put back, but a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do!

Just like to say a MAHOOSIVE thank you to everyone across all social media platforms for their support with this new beginning, ie the wildlife work, its very much appreciated! I was concerned I'd sold out, painting for a wider audience, but like a very fine wise chap and proper lovely bloke said to me on Twitter...we all have to do overtime etc to make it work, so that shift in my thinking helped me loads too, thank you. For now I am in decent fettle and hoping this part time split across genres is not the beginning of the end, but actually very much a new beginning, leaving some old attachments behind, and embracing the winds of change at a jaunty angle. KTF lovelies xxx

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