Closed for Maintenance

Well what a right BUGGER! One thing after another, DESPITE RIGOROUS efforts to stay trying a (seemingly, to me at least) better way forward...I am closed till 03.07.17....I don't mean to cause upset, not answer stuff, its like am so full I just can't take any more, it just goes over the sides...been a horrible month or so, but am still fighting....this may explain better than I can why I vanish (its the only way I find to cope to be honest), also give this girl  some love, she is AWESOME! No bull 'I am SUCH a sassy dancer'...shes (Aranivah)  just magic to I even joined in! This is MAJOR progress!

I am doing everything I can to pull myself out this hole, and hopefully by next Monday, there should be news as to whether I remain an artist or not! REALLY bloody hard to focus when part of who you identify with is up for negotiation...truly! KTF xxx

PS... yes, I pulled the two previous posts, I was SO negative, and if I am to turn my shit around, THAT ain't gonna be IT is it?...onwards! I promise I'll make it upto folk....probably not Facebook tho, its going!!! 

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