Defiance in Diversity

'Rock On', 'Little Birdy' and 'So What?!' all A4 India Ink and watercolour on Yupo, all will have colour.

So there I was trying to think my way out of being up that there creek without a paddle. Ain't it funny what a difference a few days make? Sit tight, tough it out, don't make any rash decisions!

Saturday I got up actually wanting to paint, basically locked myself away for the afternoon and evening. First of all I played with paint, ditched three, then painted up two ACEOs, one of which will be available on eBay from tonight, and another small painting called 'Bucket of Blooms', also on eBay later. A touch more enthusiasm and then another play with Yupo.

Recently I came across Iris Apfel, what a broad! And whether it was her in my head, the Safety Pin movement, Katheryn Bartons work, which I can sit and look at for hours, or a mash up of all these with a healthy dose of wheres your usual stubborn and naughty Nik? I am quite unsure, not that it really matters.... a new 'Other Artwork' series was born. 'The Safety Pin Project' (Defiance in Diversity) least for now, as its injected a mahoosive amount of fire back in my belly, so am running with it.

Defiance in diversity actually means a great deal to me personally, I tend to be a loner in many ways, don't really fit anywhere, black sheep and all that. More broadly, the Safety Pin Movement struck a chord with me being a way to say I don't care what you are, how you look, if you are decent with me I am with you too...and stand up against the hatred and misunderstanding of being different, and labelled all sorts for being so, assumed about, bullied, and actually embracing it, nay CELEBRATING it.

I have used painting many times as a tool to get myself out of some pretty serious life funk, explore who I am, but also it serves as a wonderful way to express my inner diva...this being the very first time climbing out of a hole with a positive series of artwork as opposed to the Broken Dolls etc that served to just express emotion. 

My mind is BUZZING with ideas for this series, all I guess will be a little part of inner me, either directly or indirectly. Explore diversity widely, inwardly, and celebrate the stubborn, defiance, rebellion, messy, different, unique.

'Little Birdy' will probably also be on eBay later, see how they run, then if not I have a new area on Etsy 'Other Artworks' that she will go to at a proper price. Its about time I started valuing properly what I do, the years of experience, experimentation etc...and Etsy really seems to value and encourage that.

The ink work I use harks back to the Burlesque series, using my glass dipping pen, which is superb on the very tough but smooth surface of the eco friendly Yupo paper. It has got VERY messy in my studio, a fabulous indication that am cooking on gas creatively ....and hope that extends to my other work too shortly, as its given me a much needed confidence boost.

My glass dipping pen (red) with glass stand and two other dipping pens.

Messy studio!

Still not found the mojo to run with communication/social media yet, but am sure its not far round the bend now, finally for proper. I'd rather steady my sea legs than keep dipping in and out randomly to people, seems a bit unfair when folk are kind enough to engage with me. Status: currently loading |||||||||||||||||||||||..... 81%...thank you for your patience! KTF xxx

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