Mucky, Dirty and Greasy

Ok so day THREE of feeling pretty good, despite the fact I really should not be hormonally.  So whether its safe to say am over the brow of feeling like crap and really low, its hard to say categorically, so am just gonna run with it...and start integrating stuff back in, or at least the folk that still want to know me after being out of touch for so long, then hopefully get back to social media to a degree.

Yesterday I did two paintings that I adore 'Turquoise Dream' and 'I'm Back'...the latter being very special to me, personal, lots of symbolism which I won't bore you with, but made for a great image from the heart and soul. All this was done stood up, as all I wanted to do is dance...Dirty Dancing got a spin, Grease, got grooved to....bouncing around like I am on the sauce is my usual sober existance, and it was SO good to feel that again! 

My studio yesterday for standy up painting and dancing.

So despite trashing my hair, its now pretty much where I want it, just darkened the roots and still blasting it with conditioner....heres the colours I went through. Whilst darkening the roots today I thought it'd be an excellent idea to dye my brows, as being a mucky blonde/pale brown naturally they virtually disappear in summer, turning pale gold...I KNOW it says not to, but quite typical of me (hence knowing am feeling better) am rubbish at rules! So I painted a bit on, and set to doing my photographing and listing....10 mins it should be, 40 mins later I remembered it was on...I proper laughed, I had slugs on my face, and its still making me giggle. Not as bad as they were, I'll set to with the nail brush again later!

 Hair....Fruit Salad colours at one is a WITCH to get shut of! And those that know me best know what 'beauty' disasters I bring upon myself, despite saying never again lol.

I got to thinking now I am in a better place, does it not make you wonder if even crap times serve a purpose? I have taken back control of my weight and found Keto which just seems to tick all the boxes, with an astounding effect on hormones, my life, my feelings, boundaries, refound the sassy lassy that resides within, refound the desire to paint for love....and NONE of that would be possible without reaching rock bottom, its NOT pretty or pleasant to go through. I think I had to learn how far I had let myself slip to claw my way to a better place, and figure out again that self reliance is the only rock solid foundation you can count on, and even that can get iffy! But thats ok, and all part of the journey. I got to reset my life, although one press of a button would be a shed load easier!

Heres a couple of pics, for no reason other than I adore my glass pen that I use for inking the Yupo scoots...and I no longer hate my thighs lol...mad leggings or what? They finally fit again after two years! Right I am off to workout now all my work is done, and some time out given I worked late last night. Keeping the faith STILL xxx

Close up of my glass pen.

Mad leggings! I love my weights heavy and my squats down low....I will get a bubble bum! I think the exercise has preserved what bit of sanity I had left at one point, far too underutilised I reckon.

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