Where to start? Been a really strange week, I don't know if its my time management that is way off the mark, or whether trying to do so much is just not working? STILL trying to catch up from before, and am genuinely sorry if I haven't made it back to you yet...still not back on Twitter or Instagram as emails need doing first then theres a shed load to reply to on those, which means no real way to advertise my latest artwork, but seems rude just to go on and not do the email and reply mountain first!

Then there is the school holidays that have now started, ya know just to ease up time pressures...NOT! LOVE having my boy at home, but predicting and managing the day work wise has levelled up its challenges.

I feel like I am chasing my own tail currently, firefighting each day getting through it all, a real life pushmi-pullyu, which is a sure fire way to get on a low ebb again. So I am still trying to exercise and go walking, as barring all the pressures on my time with so much to do daily, I am still feeling good and trying hard not to fall into the pit of total overwhelm and stress again, which is partially to blame for my outage recently. 

I STILL have absolutely NO solution to it either...I reply to personal messages, put aside some time for other correspondence, those take over an hour daily, but if I do more I fall behind with painting and all the other stuff life/people/house requires, plus trying to list on eBay and Etsy 3 times a week due to their search engine algorithms, as increases visibility apparently? There must be a way to sort it all without losing my wig! AND still battling the current situation...that has not changed.

In other news, I have come to the conclusion that if generally folk are unwilling/unable to pay for paintings to meet the time they take, then my time will need to be rolled back per painting...can't see another way really. Though it is very sad that I won't be doing the really detailed paintings anymore, I see other artists being forced the same way too. 

So I am trying a few things to trim how long things take, hopefully without compromising quality and integrity...I'd hate to turn out poorly drawn sketches etc just because they are quick to do, which is probably part of my problem really, that I find it impossible to not try to make whatever I am working on the best I can at the time.

The above really struck a chord with me the other day, its so true, painting for a living isn't an easy career, the threat of having to pack it up always nibbling my heels....BUT re-finding the stuff my heart and soul wants to paint, regardless, goes a very long way to keeping me painting for now. However that is very much a double edged sword, as come September when I need to REALLY make the final decision to sell it all up, get a 'proper job', being back inlove with painting will make it infinitely harder....I have no answer to that either.

And finally for now, Rob from Soul and Ska Clothing is in London for the launch of their Autumn Winter '17 range, which includes 2 of my paintings on teeshirts....which hes sending me! VERY excited...I think they are boyfit, so I will be getting the sewing machine out (in my sleep at this rate) to make them ladyfit, and will pop some pics up...I maybe in them, I may not, am not a big selfie taker, see how I feel at the time. I will also include links to buy if you are so inclined!....I also want to start a new blog about my experiences of the Ketogenic way of eating as a vegetarian, as there not tonnes of information out there, and it may just help someone else with hormone/weight issues....anyone got any spare hours I can buy please? Hang on to the faith sexy people, its the only thing we've got (and good music) xxx

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