Re-OPENING, at a jaunty angle!

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So today is the day, I re open, get back to people, sort messages etc, and try keep it going. I was looking for a decent re-opening sign, and couldn't find one that fitted....but the new Three adverts I simply love, so they represent reopening properly (least till September upto now), try and remain more chilled, but still aim to be fabulous in my own jaunty way! It may take me sometime as I have financial books to do (several months) personal messages to sort, then emails, then social media...Twitter in the main, please bare with as am teaching tonight too.

***Update: Still trying to catch up, STILL need to paint to earn a crust and do the usual cooking, cleaning, house gubbins...gonna have to try getting the backlog down over the evenings, sorry folk, I am trying my best to sort*** 11.37 10/07/17 xxx

Still feeling pretty good, 20.4lbs (weigh in today) I have got rid of, loving feeling lighter, represents allot in fairness... one week Keto, 6 calories counting prior to that...only Keto has rebalanced mood/hormones/energy. Now I am itching to get a proper barbell (I use kettlebells I have had for years), what could possibly go wrong? Hair still on my head, learnt how to cut it myself too, saves cash and hairdressers simply CANNOT follow directions in my experience, even WITH photos, so that's it am done with them! Off with their heads. A philosophy that I will be using far more of!

I am a bit concerned about being re-tethered to the @$%*&@! internet/phone again though, I get some pretty demanding messages from people I don't even know, and before I have bent over backwards to accommodate, but that has now stopped. I can't keep up with it, and my time off with family or whatever is as valuable and necessary to me as anyone elses time off, I am not a 24/7 open all hours business, as hard as I am willing to work. 

Of course I am willing to try make amends for my time out where it's actually important, and my time for those won't change, but its time I started being less 'nice' to folk that just want attention for no good reason (Facebook!!!), to pass time/folk are bored/feel a need to inbox me their willy (insert mahoosive eyeroll)...nope its not personal, but I can choose whether to deal with it...I ya go! I no longer participate in Facebook, at all, no checking it, no updating it, just leaving the page in place, if folk are that genuinely interested in my work they'll find me from that and email me...I don't do calls either, for the same reason as above.

This past few months have been tough, and though still nothing external, in terms of circumstances, has altered, I am in a far better place to deal with it. Sometimes falling IS the only way to level up, relearn/re-establish boundaries/priorities/find better ways across all aspects of life, and hopefully I won't let it all slide so damn far next time....if re-inventing yourself is good enough for Madonna, its good enough for me me ;-)

I am still debating commission work, been bitten twice recently, and folk wonder why I have trust issues? So it's very much still up in the air, maybe it will be on a discussion basis, and just see if I can trust the person, pretty sad when it comes to this through a couple of bad apples, when in all fairness I have had a few fantastic commissions. I think I let my guard down though with having such lovely ones, and it bit me on the bum!

So today, wrapping and shipping, then messages, emails, relisting, to do listing and financials finally....I am way behind. Dreading looking at your bank does that! Suck it up Princess, this sh*t has to be faced!

Updated from original blog: my 'office' right now 12.28 17/07/17...cracking Gromit...even a Zen like experience using my Dads old laptop, it takes AGES...teaches patience ;-)

If you are going through a storm, hang in there, you CAN feel better about it, even if nothing has changed, be kind to you, do what is right for you, strange stuff even (cos NOWT will change or get better if you are at rock bottom in either mind/body/spirit/all of them), and one day you pop out the other side and find you have leveled up, regardless of people, circumstances and mountains to climb...KTF sexy people, and in yourself xxx

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