Tees and Time!

My paintings NOW AVAILABLE on VERY good quality tshirts from Ska and Soul Clothing

Hello! Its been a fair while since I did any blogging, even of artwork I have completed and has already gone to new homes, let alone updated my Musings.

More positive for sure, things moving in a better way...I am still an artist, win! Although mainly on the Alice side of things for now, not as many folk interested in buying the Northern Soul and Mod currently, so needs must and have to follow what pays the bills!

A bit of a change in the way things work around here too, my hubby has taken over all of the social media for my work, he is WAY better at it, doesn't loathe Facebook with a passion that makes steam come out his ears like me, and generally knows his way around....frees me up to actually paint, given my time is as stretched as ever, especially during the school holidays....trying to straddle the two worlds of 50s housewife and 21st century She-Ra....some days it goes better than others!

You can keep upto date with Alice stuff over on Facebook on a new page called 'Alice and Friends' just type 'Alice and Friends' in and its should pop NorthernSoulModArt page still gets tickled too from time to time.

Personally I am still Keto, lost a grand total of 34.6lbs now, still lifting weights cos I just love it, still ontop of the debilitating PMS. Keto has completely changed my health for the better in all areas, which makes being She-Ra that bit easier in fairness!

My tshirts with Ska and Soul clothing went on sale, and were well received at Junction 36 Soul Club the other Sunday dayer, folk even asking about them! I donated a Soulie lino print, and the day raised a brilliant £775 for Bluebell Hospice. First dance I had been to all year, and by 'eck did I make it crack, 18k steps! Winning at life. If you are inclined to look staggeringly cool with a side order of sex God, you can buy my tees over here...let me know if you do, and if I can have a pic I can publish, I'd love to make you my muse of the week!

I have a stack of people to converse with for commissions, which will happen this week now my son is back at school, crack on with minding my own business and painting, the Alice ones let my mind stroll, its a great feeling! So I shall bid you a fond farewell till next time, I have 15 paintings to add to my site, 2 paintings to do today, and photos for last nights listings....I have the Power ;-) keep the faith sexy peoples xxx

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