Change your Pants!

Ok so PANTS....that would be me at anything tech, emails, Facebook, yadda I have mentioned...but also I wanted to paint Y fronts today, I haven't YET lol,  but I do have a thing for 70s Y fronts....anything with brown trim lol (orange paisley is a win!)...I, again, have NO defence for this, but its true.....things I am also pants at is:

being told what to do
being 'normal' whatever that is
obeying rules
realising whats enough work in a day
realising when someone is being a womble till afterwards...
...and... any shape, way or form...whilst it opens doors..., it is 24/7 mithering from apps, there are some LOVELY people, but it proper bugs me! LOADS! Doesn't anyone value time away from a screen? There must be more of us somewhere?

Ok, so wheres all this leading? well...heres the thing, changing your pants is a very good thing, and whilst I am thinking there is probably VERY little in the way of  a Y Front paintings market (I am tempted out of sheer devilment tho!) is ALWAYS good to change it up, do something different, scare yourself, get out of the comfort zone....because whatever you do when you feel brave, will ALWAYS have a positive impact on the times when you are not! No flower blooms all year...we are all just phases...

So from pants to process...stay with me... so I did a painting for the bedroom about 5 years ago, and last night I came across an iris painting done as a I did the iris similar to what they did, just from the still was PANTS!!! BUT I decided to play with it in conjunction to the painting I see daily when I put my own pants on (2nd pic) and see where is goes...

Creativity and painting REALLY IS NOT what you paint, its about process, technique, play, growing, experimenting and experience... also sometimes, in letting go! What I paint is often detailed, or very, very today it is a chance to play, if it turns out, makes the grade to go on my OWN wall, it goes on eBay, if not, filed in b1N...these processes help SO much to see what materials do, are capable of, you get chance to push them, play with them, and this is a VITAL part of being a creative. Changing it up, letting it go where you would normally hold on tight, find the negative spaces to positively affect the pretty bits....I have never fully appreciated staying the same, in anything...way too restrictive I think.

 It definitely develops you as a person, no matter what you do.... and as an artist...if you stay the same? Your pants WILL get crusty,  it all gets a bit brown and samey, don't ya think?! KTF xxx

iris starting point from tutorial

The Iris tryptic on the bedroom wall I did 5 years ago.

partly finished iris.

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