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....I got to thinking after a particularly ugly comment via some nugget (now blocked) on Facebook, remarking about being dragged up on a council estate, he was slagging off my Northern Soul patches paintings, that are now able to be made into tote bags via Redbubble.

Anyhoo, I am happy for you not to like my work, jog on, go bother someone who might be interested in you flapping your gums for no good reason...if you've nowt nice to say don't say it at all, really!.....BUT do not slag off peoples roots! 

I live on a council estate, I am a Barnsley gal that just happens to paint, not an elitist bone in my body, coal miners daughter, NCB house upbringing, likes to save a bob cos I ain't got it....I don't see one thing wrong with doing the best I can with what I have got! 

This is the EXACT reason why I am SO adamant that ORIGINAL artwork SHOULD be available to everyone, not to just an elitist art set/collectors/galleries, not that I have a gripe with those folk, but I WANT folk like me,  that work hard but don't have the funds for very expensive art, as beautiful as it may be, to own something no other person in the world has...AND to top that off, the subcultures I paint, often didn't have the funds either, their ways of life came about from just that...escaping harsh reality, on very little.

If an artist can get thousands of pounds for a piece of work, good luck to them, genuinely....but even if I ever did, till my last breath I would make original art available to EVERYONE....hell, I'd give em away to the most loved up, if I had a bill paying alternative!

Another good week concentrating on putting together a 'Bump Fund' to cover low sales weeks, not very far, but further than I was this time last week...end of week 2 of 6 I have given it. LOVED the studio this week, allot of hours, weekends, evenings, but everything I have painted has been a joy to paint, ranging from Alice to fantasy feathers to Dr Marten boots....just to see if I can get the auctions to bump my bump fund!

In other news, an exciting venture with a new company, that I shall post about when I have his info. And the first tee I have seen is mint! See, for me a little business in a decent relationship with another little un, not out to fleece one another, no dog eat dog business shenanigans, has to be a good thing for both of costs NOTHING to be kind and decent with folk, absolutely NOTHING...if everyone was just 9% kinder and more courteous in this world, it would be a far nicer place!

So I am just finishing 'Moonstomp Too' like the first but took much less time, so hoping doing 2/3 like this will help the 'watchers' on number one, that may not have the funds for that one. Sunday will be a PC day, updating my galleries, and writing a page about framing to give a few ideas and advice, help folk that are new to it, and need to save a bob on framing....and sketching for potentially two new skull commissions! Its all go, but all good, feeling positive at the minute...ktf xxx

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