...theres GOOD music and some nice people!

All in all its been a pretty good week, think I may have reached a level of acceptance, and less worry...not that it takes all this away, or changes anything of this harsh reality, and being awake at 4am today trying to think my way into remaining as an artist AND pay the bills, shouldn't leave me in a decent mood...surprisingly I am less grumpy! Good old Northern Soul, Soul and Ska music has helped loads too this week.

Some of that is to do with some lovely people, messages via email, potentially some commissions despite me being slacker than a bag of spanners and too embarrassed to sort it, messages via eBay messages, support from folk that have bought from me before....they mean more than you know! Thank you!

Soooooooo.....because my circumstances are different to previous times I have faced this, I probably need a different plan, because there just isn't a safety net, at all. Whereas before there was at least a way to cover the bills should I not manage to make any sales that week, now that is a distant memory. I NEED to find a way to iron out the blips...I got a bit ahead near Christmas, but all that went again trying to sort Christmas, not that it was loads BUT it did get us through Christmas without racking up lots of credit. January is always a slow month because allot of us are in the same boat.

I am VERY sure we are not the only household that pay out all they get in, continue to cut costs as much as possible and STILL find it a struggle, trimming all the fat and its still not enough. The irony is not lost on me because its been my most successful year and an artist, not a full time salary or anywhere near but the best I work hard, and are told your entire life that working hard gets you ahead....what when it doesn't? Its REALLY hard to keep any form of faith when your best is just not good enough.

So I am **TRYING** to think about it differently, I need to find a way of having something put by to enable me to survive the weeks that the sales are low, still pay the bills...being in this firefighting situation doesn't allow me to put anything in that pot because theres none left to go in....Lotto win? Flog a kidney? reality, selling probably just two of my higher time/price paintings could just keep me from stopping painting. I am unsure how to find this smoothing pot, but thats what I am trying to figure out instead of job/not to job....happy to job by the way, am not averse to hard work, and will do whatever it takes to keep us afloat.

If I won the Lotto though (I don't buy a ticket lol so going to be tricky!), I would set up a trust for artists like me, that gives them a steadied out income, then maybe like 10% of their annual sales put back into the not profit fund to fund and smooth out other artists income...that'd be SO good to do, not out to exploit them, just give them a means of paying the bills regularly so they can find the right places to sell their wares, get a proper price for their work and to beable to continue as an artist, despite the world not being creative friendly in many ways. Its a lovely thought....ktf xxx

PS: I am thinking this week will be to continue to list stuff I have never listed/not sold/only listed once, try to bridge the gap in the Northern/Mod/Skin paintings with lower priced smaller paintings on buy it now, don't think there will be any more auctions on these now, and get onto the ones that will have a wider audience....maybe a commission, look a bit more focussedly on a job... lets see what happens!

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