So I have an axe to grind, and am bloody well going to grind it!...AGAIN this really doesn't apply to everyone but rather try and eliminate some of the ignorance I DO come across daily about what I do to pay the bills!

As mentioned in my last post about the F*ck it attitude/cheap as possible that seems to be everywhere, I decided to paint two identically drawn but mirror image paintings of Cherry Dr Marten Skinhead boots. I drew up and masked up both prior to starting the timing for each.

Then I started the timer and forced myself to paint as quick as I could, with NO care, no layering, no detail, drying inbetween with a hairdryer as I usually do to save time.


There we go, nearly 20 mins of my life, slapping paint around, am surprised it even looks like boots! My FIRST EVER F*ck IT painting.


My normal style of painting, layers, glazing, detail, care, attention, love, giving a sh*t....but 1hour 18 mins of my life, again drying inbetween with the hairdryer as normal to speed it along.

Here they are before I removed them from the paper, side by side. Admittedly both recognisable. The time each took was put into my calculator, and multiplied by my IDEAL hourly rate of £10.00 per hour (I rarely ever get near that, only on commissions) to give the prices you see at the bottom. 

This price does NOT include materials, drawing/masking time, nor packaging time and materials or how long it takes to walk to the post office and back (I never charge for packaging up or posting out, very often not even drawing up either to keep the costs down) eBay/Pappal fees included either! These could vary if I chose to use really cheap watercolour paper, and cheap paint, both of which are not archival, they fade quickly in sunlight or go yellow over time. I could also choose not to include extra stiffening in the envelope and a MUCH cheaper envelope....those are not choices I want to make, as for me if you are buying a painting, you damn well deserve a bit of class and luxury for your hard earned money...just the way I am. I go the extra mile to make receiving one of my paintings a purely lovely experience, it MATTERS to me!

So now I am going to list BOTH paintings for their prices above on Buy It Nows on Ebay, plus costs of fees, post, packing, and materials....and maybe I just got all of this wrong, and F*ck It paintings are the NEW thing, along with F*ck it service and attitude? I HOPE I am wrong....see which sells first? May not be a cast iron experiment but its the closest I will get I reckon.

I will post the results if and when they come to sharpen my axe ;-) Nik xxx

UPDATE: so both paintings are up TAKE 1 and TAKE 2, both the prices you see here had 95p postage, 70p packing, 20p materials, 15p Paypal fees and 50p (Take 1) and 1.40p (Take 2) added to the basic price....lets see what happens...

TAKE 2 SOLD AT 17.40 last may just be a crossing of paths of lovely serendipity, or A.S. totally got where I was coming from...either way, you star, and thank you!

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