Yesterday evening TAKE 2 (the one I painted normally) sold, at my asking price, it may just be that that lovely person crossed paths with my listing completely randomly, or that they understood what I was saying on each eBay advert/listing...either way, thank you SO much! A new buyer to me too, so not someone who has bought from me before as far as I am aware.

It doesn't change anything for me in terms of getting my point across and remaining as an artist, or probably changing some peoples attitudes...BUT PERSONALLY, it meant a great deal, it was only listed just shy of an hour...a teeny tiny victory in my day, in my quest for fairness, to discourage the exploitation of creatives, speak out over how damn hard it is to make anything like a living, and that personally I only want EXACTLY the same as anyone else, to pay my bills, an enjoyable quality of life and sleep easy, I don't even need all the fine trappings, I mean I live in a council house, material things don't buy my boy the stuff he needs, go out dancing a couple of times a month, get my specs updated so I can see NOT asking for trips abroad, buy a house...yadda, yadda .... I DO NOT exploit buyers, I have never been bent that way, I have ALWAYS worked with the idea that people like me without much in the way of funds CAN afford original artwork, not just prints. IT MATTERS!

It also occurred to me to straighten this out, firstly yes I am responsible for setting my start price, so if only one person bids, they get it for below my hourly fault, hands up I TOTALLY get that! BUT eBay actively encourages you to lower prices, CHEAP is KING, I am often told I don't charge enough even now....all I want is a fair crack of the whip, work an honest day, get a fair pay, even if that is just the minimum wage at £7.83...I often come in half or just over that particularly on auction items. Then to have it deliberately exploited to sell on, even though it IS a sale for the pot, its hurtful, I know I couldn't do it to someone. I DO appreciate the sale, obviously I have mouths to feed, but on principal it bothers me....but at the mercy of eBay, and the drive down of prices. I often like the people involved allot, the behaviour just irks....and just because I am not as far up the food chain, doesn't make it right to my mind. If I get my hourly rate...go for it, do what ya want with it, none of my beeswax is it!

Anyway, A.S. made my day yesterday, I may do another round of it, see what happens? Right, off out into the snow to post out, then back to start painting my bucket list before I get a job, see if I can paint the ones still burning before my time is up...still hoping for an eleventh hour to believe in something ain't ya? Ktf xxx

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