Sweet Spot

My paint brushes on my studio windowsill, tools of happiness!

On the current BBC 2 show documenting IKEA, they mentioned a beautiful sweet spot where creativity meets commercialism, ie a product is not only highly creative, even individual but also successful commercially.

This got me to thinking that I need to think more that way, change my mindset towards how I can find this sweet spot myself. In my previous blog I mentioned about me wanting to paint what I WANT to paint...and here I should clarify its not out of arrogance, but rather that some ideas look far better in a small detailed format, some look great looser....but currently what is forced through my mind  first and foremost is 'how long will it take?' and sadly many ideas get watered down, be it in size or detail to try and shoe horn as much work as I can into a week, and ultimately listings to pay the bills and keep the price low, whilst still keeping the integrity of the painting, and certainly the quality. Maybe I'll only paint 2 scooters on one piece instead of the 5 I wanted, or I'll paint a close up as there are fewer elements just to keep the time/cost down.

This has NOT solved my conundrum at all, but rather thrown a different approach into the melting pot....and maybe it never will be solved, but always a work in progress? I have no clue really. Finding an idea where I can have lots of it, assuming folk like it, at a lower cost that helps the bills so I can paint the stuff I want to with less restrictions feels a way forward. So I can spend the time on it, can wait for the correct price instead of auctioning and risking a low price.

Redbubble is a decent way for me for now, though it doesn't have the momentum yet, I just don't have the kit to print any bigger than A4. So this week I have started painting a couple of pieces with fewer time restrictions with a view to them not only being for sale as individual unique paintings but also with Redbubble in mind before I start....not something I have done before, where the product I am painting for is in mind from the outset, its worth a try init!

In other news, a gallery and a Mister M, in one email has REALLY given me hope that not all galleries are as difficult as then ones I have dealt with in the past....I initially said an outright no to looking at working with him, BUT he said 'we don't commission artists because its far better for them to do their thing'...this blew me away! First time I have come across this approach, maybe I have just been unlucky? So hopefully in the not too distant future there will be a gallery I am so PROUD to say represents some of my is very early stages, but his integrity has been very reassuring! Just goes to show, never say never.

It's 8.04 Sunday morning right now, and I am about to tidy my studio as its looking partly burgled, messy pup I am when in the flow. I have a bit of listing to do after a very enjoyable time painting my beloved Alice from the heart, even though again, that was made to be 2 elements rather than the 5 or 6 I wanted to paint. Not sure if I am doing the right thing curbing the time/cost ratio or not...but I could end up with getting less than £3 an hour if not, and that is just soul destroying, and again the bills won't wait till I get the proper price.

So this week I have the two Redbubble potentials to complete, some concept sketches for some skulls, and STILL need to complete the website, get it bang upto date so I can just add to each gallery as I paint them....maybe today will be the day I am actually upto date uh? Or I have a flash of inspiration that can't fail to keep my artists life alive? Whos knows, but still feeling pretty positive, I still have a squillion ideas to paint, and in the same way Mister M surprised me, just maybe I will surprise myself and clean my pallets too...I HATE wasting any paint, but they are beyond usefulness now! Mucky mare! ;-) ktf xxx

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