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FINALLY! Both the 'Northern Soul & Mod Art' gallery AND 'Other Artwork' gallery are bang upto date! Albeit with some incorrect titles, as I just cannot remember them, but I do believe most of the work is there since I stopped updating this blog back in September 2017!

This site was supposed to be a visual record of my work, but given I hadn't updated it since September, the 90 day lapse thingy on eBay won't show me many of them. So it is what it is, and will teach me a valuable lesson in keeping it upto date! 

My Northern/Mod/Skin all tend to be song titles, not for any other reason usually than I love the song/it is often far easier than trying to think of a title myself...I paint a fair bit, and my brain would just be mush if I had to come up with titles too.

The 'Other Artworks' titles are derived from many sources, as they are usually thought about allot and appear when I have allot on my mind, the Alice surreal ones most definitely fall into this category.

As you have probably gathered by now I am not a fan of tech (I have 29 thousand emails lol, not kidding!), even less of social media, give me a brush, music and that just works. I try to keep in the loop a bit when I can, and ontop of what I have to do email wise, but often I just simply forget as my head is generally full of ideas/techniques etc...and filling most of my waking hours chasing my own tail painting/mum/house duties.

Anyway, I feel like am back on  top of it for now...its a shame I let the website grind to a halt, I was just out of steam with it all and felt actually painting was a better use of my time...but in the hope of staying in my more positive mindset, lets not dwell...and  I will **try** to keep this momentum going!

My studio is sparkly tidy, website sorted, blogged twice today...I hope its not forever that I am working every weekend, BUT gotta wallop it with my hardest right now! So far so good at this half way point, week 3 of 6...though this week is the eBay doldrums pay check we'll see what happens! 

Have a good week folk, stay wrapped up warm, brass monkey weather on the way! Ktf xxx

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